Case Study: Worldwide Installation and Startup Concept for MRI Systems

Case Study: Worldwide Installation and Startup Concept for MRI Systems

Challenge: Increase efficiency for a worldwide installation process for MRI equipment

The installation of an MRI system is a quite complex project. The value of the shipment is high and very time critical. A lot parties from the OEM’s, technical vendors, hospital and construction companies are usually involved. The challenge has been to find a way to increase efficiency, to reduce cost and to increase the simplicity of the process for our customer worldwide.

Solution: Installation and startup process both carried out by one service provider

The new type of MRI system was close to the market launch. We were invited to share our expertise regarding logistics and installations of MRIs.

Soon it became apparent that the customer would be able to realize huge costs savings by reducing interfacing and handing over the logistics process and installation as well as start up to one service provider.

We make use of a global network of engineers who install MRIs around the world. Our global project coordination is in constant contact with the OEM factory and the Project Managers in the respective countries to ensure on-time delivery and reduce expensive delay times. An extensive training program for the engineers had been developed.

To optimize the delivery and rigging process we helped to developed new tools and transportation frames for our customers.

Besides installation and startup we are also taking care of supervising the rigging of the Magnet and we are responsible for the rig in of the back end (accessories). Through having the mechanical / electrical installation and startup in one hand we could decrease the cycle time for the whole process, which results in additional cost savings (less capital invested, faster revenue recognition).

Besides the costs and time savings our customers received higher rates on customer satisfaction than before. The delivery and installation process is a critical element for a hospital. The improvement of this process has turned into a huge selling point for our customer.

We are proud to be a part of it.

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